Dovetailed Dustpan

Forget plastic or metal pans – a wooden one looks nicer and works better. by Christopher Schwarz pages 38-41 Some time during the last 25 years of prowling around workshops, museums and antique [...]

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Honing Guide

by Christopher Schwarz page 16 Since the mid-1990s I’ve been married to my inexpensive side-clamp honing guide, sometimes called an “Eclipse” guide after the firm that developed it. So when [...]

‘Rivet’ Your Furniture

This strong and simple – but uncommon – joint imparts a decorative touch.

by Christopher Schwarz pages 22-25 After 20 years of making furniture, it’s not every day that you [...]

The Speed Demons of Sharpening

We test three new machines that try to replace grinders and traditional sharpening stones. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 53-57 From the June 2004 issue #141 Buy this issue now For hundreds of [...]

Metal-bodied Spokeshaves

After years of having only poorly made tools to choose from, woodworkers now have some excellent new spokeshaves at their disposal. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 84-89 From the April 2004 issue [...]

Mortise & Tenon Basics

A superior way to cut this superlative joint. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 42-48 From the April 2004 issue #140 Buy this issue now A lot of woodworkers spend a lot of time, effort and money to [...]

Upgrade Your Workbench

Ten ways to make your bench indispensable. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 70-75 From the February 2004 issue #139 Buy this issue now I hate to say it, but no matter how much time and money you [...]

True Japanese Dovetail Saws

Two new rip-tooth dozuki saws are efficient dovetailers. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 62-63 From the February 2004 issue #139 Buy this issue now Cutting dovetail pins and tails is primarily a [...]


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