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Folding Stool

For camping, conquering and contemplating, these stools have a long history among artists, soldiers and rugged individualists. by Christopher Schwarz with David Lyell pages 24-27 There are few [...]

Folding Campaign Bookshelf

Learn the tricks to making sturdy furniture that folds flat. by Christopher Schwarz pages 58-61 For those with mechanical minds, building furniture that folds into small spaces is great fun. Not [...]

Devilishly Clever ‘Doe’s Foot’

These notched sticks simplify your workholding at the bench. by Christopher Schwarz pages 38-39 Workbenches didn’t always have vises. In fact, for most of human history, workbenches around the [...]

‘Modern’ Gateleg Table

A contemporary-looking design that’s really from the 18th century. by Christopher Schwarz pages 28-33 If you’ve ever been dragged to Ikea by your spouse (few woodworkers go willingly – except to [...]

The Almost-Forgotten Fore Plane

Learn to set up and wield one of the most useful (and inexpensive) handplanes. by Christopher Schwarz pages 23-27 Kevin Drake, a furniture maker who trained under James Krenov, stood before his [...]

Dovetailed Dustpan

Forget plastic or metal pans – a wooden one looks nicer and works better. by Christopher Schwarz pages 38-41 Some time during the last 25 years of prowling around workshops, museums and antique [...]

Good Chisel Sense

The simplest tool in your chest is also the most sensitive and versatile; here’s how to set up a chisel to a high level and wield it like a maestro. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 20-27 It’s almost [...]

Three Ways to Make Edge Joints

By hand or power? With a spring joint or not? by Robert W. Lang, Glen D. Huey & Christopher Schwarz pgs. 40-43 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy the issue now One of the most important [...]

The Best Glue for Furniture?

Why liquid hide glue should be your first choice as an adhesive. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 22-29 Since the beginnings of civilization up until World War II, most pieces of furniture were [...]

How & Why of Spring Joints

Save on clamps with this traditional technique for panel glue-ups. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 47-49 A “spring joint” is a traditional method where you join the edges of two boards to make a [...]

Fall in Love with Nails

This much-maligned fastener has a place in the finest furniture. Here’s why. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 38-43 Among furniture makers, the reputation of the simple nail is somewhere south of [...]

Beading Planes & Complex Moulders

These simple and oft-forgotten tools can make short work of mouldings. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 50-54 Legend has it that one reason there are so few moulding planes left is that when motorized [...]


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