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Form Before Figure – End Grain

Proportion and structure outweigh ornament and showy materials. by Bob Rozaieski page 72 Have you ever found such a stunning piece of wood that you were almost afraid to cut into it? You know the [...]

Don’t be Such a Square

Make a 45° miter square with help from dividers and a straightedge. by Bob Rozaieski pages 58-50 The very first lesson any woodworker learns is that precise work requires square corners. We [...]

Period Clamping Techniques

Did traditional workholding involve fewer gadgets? by Bob Rozaieski pages 20-22 In my fledgling years as a woodworker, I had a large collection of clamps. I literally bought in to [...]

Chimney Cupboard

This classic furniture piece offers lots of storage in a small footprint – and it’s a simple hand-tool build. By Bob Rozaieski Pages 36-41 I need some additional storage space in [...]

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