Choosing a Spray Gun

As I’ve explained many times in Popular Woodworking, you can achieve a near-perfect finish using a rag or brush: You can apply a wipe-on/wipe-off finish such as oil, wiping varnish or gel [...]

Teak Oil: The Oil That Doesn’t Exist

‘Teak oil’ is whatever a manufacturer chooses to put in the container. by Bob Flexner page 38 No wood finish illustrates better than “teak oil” why finishing is so confusing. Brands vary from [...]

Application Problems

Solutions to a baker’s dozen of common finishing difficulties.

by Bob Flexner pages 58-60

It’s easy enough to provide instructions for applying finishes. But in the real [...]

Flexner on Finishing: Battling Blotching

Forget wood conditioner and go for gel stain. By Bob Flexner Pages: 94-95 From the April 2004 issue #140 Buy this issue now You’ve heard me say this before, and I’m sure you’ll hear me say it [...]

Flexner on Finishing: The Facts on Wax

Although a poor finish when used alone, wax excels as a polish. By Bob Flexner Pages: 100-101 From the February 2004 issue #139 Buy this issue now Wax has been used for centuries as a finish and [...]

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