My Plane is Larger Than Yours

Our friend Jay van Arsdale sent us this link from what looks to be a Japanese woodworking event similar to Woodworking in America. Do you have a plane that can do this? – Ajax Alexandre Follow-up [...]

Portuguese Table Cousins

In our October issue #192 of this year, I showed you how to make a little table that my father-in-law had given me from Portugal. It was a nice project because it was easy to make a production [...]

Season of Giving

If you haven’t noticed the Sweepstakes tab on our search bar, now is the time to click on it and sign up for both of the Giveaways that we have going. One is a Workshop Makeover from JET [...]

Road Trip Detour

If you have occasion to travel on I-80 through Pennsylvania or you are in the vicinity of Muncy, Pa., then I highly recommend stopping at the Grizzly showroom. The facility is 430,000 sq. feet of [...]

Decorative Carving

I’ve been making these wine bottle stoppers as gifts for the holiday season. They are a lot of fun to make on the lathe and it doesn’t take very long to knock a few of them out. I use [...]

Round Two of Bottle Stoppers

As you can see, I used some smaller diameter cherry stock to work out the transition from the bottle top to the mushroom, but I’m not happy with the result. The bottom section fits [...]

Cutting Down to Size

I turned this mushroom piece out of walnut on Friday afternoon without a wine bottle close by, so I guessed on the inside diameter of a bottle when I was tapering the section that goes into the [...]

What’s He Building in There?

Happy Halloween! Driving into work this morning, I heard this Tom Waits song, from his album Mule Variations. I’ve been a huge fan for years – in fact, I own everything he has recorded, but [...]

Black Walnuts, Revisited

This week in our newsletter, I wrote about going to a walnut festival and planting some of the fruits when I got home. It was my hope to see some seedlings in the spring. I asked readers if they [...]

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