21st-Century Workbench

This hybrid design holds work any which way you want it to. Good design is little more than selective thievery. This workbench is a good example of that. A combination of features from several [...]

21st-Century Workbench Leg Joints

It’s hard to separate woodworking from history. Most of the skills we need and tools we use come from earlier times when everyday items that are now mostly plastic or cardboard were made of [...]

LED Perfect for Workbench Light

Our shop has a lot of things in common with our readers’ shops, especially those who work in basements or abandoned coal mines. The overhead lighting leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve [...]

The Great Tool Tray Debate

One of the great controversies of modern times, right behind “what’s the best media to sharpen tools on?” and “why can’t/won’t somebody make great tools for [...]

Bench Class Wrap-up

Days four, five and six of the 21st Century Workbench class at Kelly Mehler’s School of Woodworking found me too beat to blog. Building a workbench in six days is a challenge, and as work [...]

Building a Bunch of Benches, Day One

Days that begin with moving more than a half-ton of lumber don’t often end up being considered “Great!” but today was an exception. After some introductions and a quick tour of [...]

Off to Build a Bunch of Benches

One of the common questions I was asked at last weekend’s Woodworking in America conference was “where’s your bench?” My schedule was full with SketchUp and [...]

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