Getting SketchUp woodworking software is easy. It’s a free download for any computer. The hard part is figuring out how to use the software after you open it up. That’s where you need a high-quality SketchUp guide for woodworkers – something that will introduce you to the first steps in navigating free Sketchup models. Well – we made that part FREE, too! Enter your email in the box, click “watch the free videos” and learn SketchUp for woodworkers. BONUS – What about learning SketchUp well enough to make your own models? We include a second free video to answer that question! Each of the 2 videos contains about 15 minutes of top-notch instruction from our SketchUp woodworking expert, Joe Zeh. It’s not available anywhere else, so act now!

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Guide to Using Sketchup for Woodworkers

4 Dovetail Joints You Will Learn With This PDF

This is just a preview of what you’ll get in the full SketchUp tutorial that we’re offering here. In the full 20 minutes, Joe takes you step-by-step through the SketchUp component library for this model. He even shows you what it looks like to print the plans and create cut lists.

Here at Popular Woodworking, our editors have been drawing SketchUp furniture plans for years. The SketchUp models become projects that appear in our magazine, and sometimes we add them to our online SketchUp library. You may also know about the Google SketchUp library, where users from all over the world upload woodworking SketchUp plans. There are literally hundreds of thousands of SketchUp 3D models to choose from. But you can’t use a single one of them if you don’t get some decent advice! Get access to the videos now.

What about learning SketchUp well enough to create your own SketchUp models and plans? That’s where our second video tutorial will help. It’s called “Learn SketchUp: Model a Simple Table.” Here’s a preview.

You’ll be amazed that in just 15 minutes, Joe will have you modeling a simple table, including an introduction to SketchUp wood textures! Get your download for free, and feel confident in working with SketchUp woodworking models.


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