One thought on “‘Ruhlmann-inspired Tabouret’ SketchUp Model


    You can’t call that “Tabouret” gentlemen… Tabouret is the french word for “Stool”. I dunno where that confusion came from, but anyways this piece of furniture looks like a “petit cabinet” (small cabinet) or a “Table de chevet” (night stand) depending of its overall dimensions or its final use.

    If you want to make one,keep in mind the work of Jacques Emile RHULMANN (1879-1933) is all about luxury veneering & inlays (ebony, rosewood, mahogany, amaranth, amboina burl, ivory, silver, shagreen…). One of his design signature is the 8 faces segmented & inlayed legs.

    Today, Ruhlmann’s “chef d’oeuvres” still represents some of the most expensive furniture pieces money can buy on worldwide luxury auctions, like Christie’s or Drouot.

    Greetings from France 😉

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