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The Domino Effect Fast, Easy and Strong

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 Festool has introduced a truly new joinery machine called the Domino. It looks and handles like a biscuit joiner, but the Domino uses an oscillating cutter to make oval-shaped mortises. A Domino  tenon fits precisely into these mortises to join parts together. Optional attachments – for centering the Domino on narrow face-frame stock, and for making equally spaced mortises along the edge of a long board – make these tasks easy and accurate. It even cuts angled joints. For those of you familiar with Festool's quality engineering – you won't be disappointed. Using the Domino is like driving a fine German car.

Festool, (888) 337-8600,
Domino Joiner, DF 500 Q, $660 (introductory price).



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