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Self-clamping Biscuit

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No question about it, the biscuit joiner is one of the most versatile tools in a shop. It's hard to make a joint faster than using a biscuit, but Lamello has figured it out. Their new Fixo half-width biscuit simplifies joinery even further by eliminating clamps. To use a Fixo, cut one #20-sized biscuit slot across the two pieces you want to join. Apply some glue to the joint's mating surfaces, then drive in the Fixo with a hammer bottom photo). Curved ridges molded into the glass-reinforced plastic biscuit pull the joint together. Barbed ridges on the Fixo grip the wood, holding the Fixo in place. Of course, the Fixo isn't intended for joints that will take a lot of stress. It's designed for joints that will be reinforced later, such as face frames and cabinet bases, or light-duty joints, such as picture frames. To see a video of these applications, and more, visit the web site below.

Colonial Saw, (888) 777-2729, Lamello Fixo, #E20-L, $28.50 for 80 pieces.



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