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Router with External Switch and Speed Control

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When we tested routers with 3-hp or larger motors (“Tool Test: Powerhouse Routers for the Router Table,” AW #106, March, 2004, page 58), the Milwaukee 5625-20 was our Editors' Choice. JessEm Tool Co. and Milwaukee have teamed up to make this great router even better for router tables. The new JessEm Tool Router Table Milwaukee Motor, $489, is sold as the motor only (without base) and is specifically designed to go into a router lift. It's the same great motor we loved in our tool test, with electronic variable speed from 10,000 to 22,000 rpm and soft start. Any lift that accepts the Milwaukee 5625-20 motor will accept this one.
The new model comes with a separate switch and speed control that can be mounted on the outside of your router table. This is the first external switch we've seen that combines both features. This convenience does come at a price, though. This machine is about $150 more than the same router with base and built-in controls.

JessEm Tool Co., (866) 272-7492,  Tool Router Table Milwaukee Motor #05626, $489.



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