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New Omnijigs from Porter-Cable

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Porter-Cable's Omnijig has earned its reputation as a dependable and accurate dovetailing system over almost two decades. Arriving soon are two new Omnijig Joinery System models: the 16-in. Model 55160 and the 24-in. Model 77240. Both models share important features. They come completely assembled and include a stabilizer bar that keeps the router from tipping forward. It also deflects chips down to the floor (an accessory dust chute is available). Dedicated set-and-forget stops position each template. According to the manufacturer, that means the templates don't have to be readjusted when you change from one operation to another. Onboard depth gauges make it easy to accurately set the router bit's height. And onboard instructions remind you how to set up each operation, so you won't have to reread the owner's manual each time you use the jig (incidentally, each jig comes with an instructional DVD featuring Norm Abrams). Both jigs accept stock up to 1-1/2 inches thick. Each model is uniquely outfitted. The 16-in. 55160 is equipped with a template for cutting fixed half-blind dovetails in a single pass (think production-style drawers). This template also allows you to cut sliding dovetails. A 16-in. variable finger template will be available as an accessory. The 24-in. 77240 comes with a variable finger template for cutting both full and half-blind dovetails. This template features split fingers that allow adjusting the width of the pins as well as their location. A 24-in template for cutting production-style half-blind dovetails will be available as an accessory.

Porter-Cable,, (888) 848-5175, 16-in Omnijig Joinery System Model 55160, $429; 24-in. Model 77240, $599.


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