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Laser-Guided Router Base

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Lasers seem to be everywhere in the shop these days. Thanks to the folks at MLCS, routers are no exception.  The new OnPoint Laser Router Plate, $59.95, contains laser cross hairs that helps you perfectly position your router for plunge cuts. I have to admit I was skeptical when I first saw this product.  But now that I've used it to cut some dadoes and mortises, I'm a believer.  The cross hairs do a great job of simplifying a joint's layout.  You just have to remember that with the OnPoint plate your layout must be based on the center of the plunge cut, not the joint's edge. To mount the OnPoint plate to your router, you install a V-bit in the machine. Then, to align the lasers with the tip of the bit,  you mark out and drill the screw hole locations for your router's base. This is a fussy set up, and needs to be done correctly to make good use of the cross hairs. Take your time and make certain it's right.  From then on your router will be perfectly sighted in.

MLCS, (800) 533-9298,, OnPoint Universal Laser Router Plate, $59.95.



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