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Hitachi Hybrid Saw

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The latest entry in the growing field of hybrid tablesaws, the Hitachi C10LA, $950, has just about every feature you could want. Before giving you the details, let's clear up just what hybrid means in a saw: It's a cross between a cabinet  saw and a contractor's saw. A hybrid's motor is enclosed within a base, like a cabinet saw, but its trunnions are mounted to the tabletop, like a contractor's saw. The result is less vibration than a contractor's saw and a smaller footprint, but more work to realign the blade, should it need it, than you would have with a cabinet saw. If you only have 120-volt outlets, a hybrid saw is the best type to buy. The Hitachi C10LA is a left-tilt saw with two cast-iron wings and a 1-1/2-hp motor. The motor pulls 15 amps at 120 volts and 7-1/2 amps at 220 volts. It has a 30-in. capacity right of the blade and 18-in. left of the blade. The fence is easy to align and has replaceable sides. A hopper under the blade connects to a 4-in. port for dust collection. The off switch is very easy to access. Innovative features include a 21-in.-long folding outfeed table, a bevel-tilt scale built into the tabletop and a blade-tilt wheel in front of the cabinet rather than on the side. All in all, it's a very nice machine.

Hitachi,  (800) 706-7337, 10-in. saw, #C10LA, $950.



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