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Feature-Rich, Powerful and Ergonomically Smart

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Festool set the bar high when it set out to develop the new OF2200 plunge router. An initial look at the machine suggests they made it over that bar, with room to spare. To accomplish this, Festool took a fresh look at this workhorse of a tool, and developed the OF2200 to better fit the routing habits of woodworkers. The number of user-friendly features reads like a wish list. Here's a quick run-down:
•     Tool-free quick-release base plate – provides rapid changing of guide bushings and various accessory bases.
•    30-degree rotated base – positions the handles at a more ergonomic (30-degree) orientation to the work piece for routing.
•     Ratcheting spindle lock –Festool has taken the much-appreciated spindle lock feature one step further by adding a ratcheting mechanism. This further simplifies the sometimes knuckle-banging job of changing bits.
•     Other noteworthy features include a powerful 3-1/4 hp soft-start, self-braking variable speed motor, exceptional dust collection, double column clamping, over 3 inches of plunge, and fine adjustment in steps of 1/256-in. For an expanded discussion on these and other features visit www.americanwoodworker/festoolOF2200.

Festool, www.festool.com, (888) 337-8600, Plunge router, OF2200, Available late spring or early summer 2008, price was not available at time of publication.


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