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Feature-Packed Plunge Base

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Porter-Cable's state-of-of-the-art 890-series variable-speed 2-1/4-hp routers now have a plunge base to match. The new Model 8931 (it replaces the old model with the same number) has been completely redesigned. Machined brass bushings and steel guide rods now guide the plunge mechanism for smooth operation.  Through-the-column dust collection directs the vacuum hose up over your shoulder, so it's out of the way. A swiveling six-position turret allows precise plunge depth control. An opening in the base's motor housing provides access to the router's body-mounted switch, so you can cut the power without removing your hands from the pommels.The 8931 is available separately and in several multi-base 890-series router kits.

Porter-Cable, www.deltaportercable.com, (888) 848-5175, Plunge base Model 8931 $115; Multi-base kits: #893PK (router, plunge base and pommel-handle fixed base), $269; #894PK (router, plunge base and D-handle fixed base), $289; #895PK (router, plunge base and pommel-handle fixed base with above-the-table adjustment tool), $289.


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