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Feature-Packed Hybrid

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Want a cabinet saw but don't have 220-volt power? Here's the next best thing: a hybrid saw, which only requires a standard 115-volt outlet. Delta's new 36-750B hybrid saw has a 1-3/4-hp motor, which for all practical purposes gives you the most power you can get from a 115-volt circuit. This saw has all the features we've rated most important in a hybrid. The 36-750B comes with a top-of–the-line Biesemeyer fence, 50 in. rails, two cast iron wings, and a miter gauge that's more accurate than the kind that's standard on most saws. Its bar has expansion slots for fine-tuning the fit in the table's slot and positive detents for five commonly used angles. The saw's blade tilts left, which helps avoid kickback, and the OFF switch has an oversized paddle, making it easier to locate in a pinch. Hybrid saws have enclosed cabinets to help contain sawdust and have a smaller footprint than a contractor's saw, whose motor sticks out the back.

Delta Machinery, www.deltaportercable.com, 800-223-7278, 10” Deluxe Hybrid Saw, #36-750B, $1,400.

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