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Legacy Woodworking has a long history of producing ornamental mills. These incredible machines are similar to a lathe, with the workpiece mounted between head and tail stocks, but they use a router rather than handheld tools. The router can cut spirals, flutes, coves, ropes and dentil moldings. Turning the handle on the machine's left end rotates the workpiece and tracks the router left to right. The gears and router bit can be changed to achieve different effects. Until now, a Legacy ornamental mill  was quite large and cost as  much as $9,300, depending on the model. The new Legacy Revo has a smaller footprint, 24 in. x 48 in., and a smaller price tag, $795, router not included. Weighing only 65 pounds, it can be placed on a workbench and put away when you're done. The Revo has many of the same creative capabilities of its larger cousins but a smaller capacity. The Revo will handle stock as big as 6 in. in diameter and 32 in. long. Other machines in Legacy's line can handle stock as large as 13 in. in diameter and 126 in. long.
Ornamental mills are very cool machines, capable of many operations. If you're interested in learning more, call Legacy and ask for a free DVD. You'll become hooked!

Legacy Woodworking, (800) 279-4570,  Legacy Revo, #LREVO, $795.



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