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A 1-2 Punch in Multi-Base Kits

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Milwaukee Electric Tool has introduced two new multi- base router kits. The 5615-24 kit features a 1-3/4 max HP, 11 amp, 24,000 RPM motor and 1/4-in. and 1/2-in. self-releasing collets. The 5616-24 kit steps up to a 2-1/4 max HP, 13 amp, 10,000-24,000 RPM motor. 36 distinct speed settings match RPMs to the routing task at hand. The 5616-24 includes a soft-start that smoothly ramps up motor speed to reduce tool jerking and wear on the brushes and bearings. The electronic motor feedback circuitry monitors load conditions to maintain the set RPM throughout the cut. The new plunge base for both routers features high-precision components for smooth plunge action. Ergonomic grips provide superior comfort and control. A clear sub-base and built-in dust collection are icing on the cake. The fixed base features Milwaukee's famous above-the-table depth adjustment system for router table applications. A precision linear depth adjustment completes the package.

Milwaukee Tools, (800) 729-3878, www.milwaukeetool.com, 1-3/4 HP Multi-base router kit #5615-24, $219, 2-1/4 HP Multi-base router kit #5616-24, $249.



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