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Woodworking Tool News – Steam-Bending Kit

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Steam-Bending Kit

By Brad Holden

The first hurdle in steam bending is just
getting set up. How are you going to boil
the water? How are you going to get the
steam to the steam box? A new kit from
Rockler makes this all very easy. It includes
everything you need except the box itself,
which is no problem to build following the
excellent plans that come with the kit.

The kit contains a 5.3 qt. reservoir with
a built-in 1500 watt heating element, a 10'
long steam hose, a brass fitting to attach the
hose to your box and two hinges and a latch
for the box’s door.

I found that if you fill the reservoir with
hot water, you’ll get steam in about 10 minutes.
It will last about 75 minutes, which
is plenty of time for wood that’s up to 1"
thick. If the water level gets too low, a safety
switch turns off the heating element.



Rockler, rockler.com, 800-279-4441, Steam Bending Kit and Plan, #42826.

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