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Precision Sliding T-Bevel

By Brad Holden

How accurate can you be if you use a protractor to read
the angle of a sliding T-bevel? A degree or two? How about
+/-0.3°—that’s how close you can get with the new Digital
Sliding T-Bevel from General Tools & Instruments.

The stainless steel blade is 8" long and locks in place by turning a
steel knob. You can position the blade in either the “T” or “L” configuration.

Practical buttons make the tool quite user-friendly. A “Zero” button resets the
display from any position. A “Hold/Reverse” button will either lock in a measurement
or reverse the angle, showing the complementary angle, and the “Flip” button
inverts the display 180° when the tool is upside down.

Since the device is also a simple computer, I’d like to suggest one more button,
for setting a miter saw. If you have an internal corner of 124°, for example, you’d set
your saw at 28° to cut the two miters. The math isn’t complicated (90 minus half of
124)—or is it? I’d sure like a chip to figure that out for me!



General Tools & Instruments, generaltools.com, 800-697-8665, #828, Digital Sliding T-Bevel.

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