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Woodworking Tool News – A Can for Every Task

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A Can for Every Task

By Brad Holden

Most woodworkers I know own at least one can
of WD-40. Wherever there’s steel—and there’s
plenty of that in our shops—there’s rust, corrosion
and stuck parts. The folks at WD-40 have now
come out with a whole line of additional products
you might find useful when dealing with balky
woodworking machines, tools and hardware.

My shop is in an unheated garage, where rust is
always an issue. I’ll certainly be checking out one
of these new products: WD-40’s Long-Term Corrosion
Inhibitor. According to the manufacturer, it
protects metal from corrosion for up to one year
outdoors and two years indoors.

Speaking of rust, I love restoring old tools.
WD-40 says their new Rust Remover Soak restores
lightly rusted metal parts back to bare metal. You
let the parts soak overnight, pull them out, rinse
them, dry them and apply a protective coating of
your choice. It’s made with non-toxic, biodegradable
ingredients. Boy, do I have a lot of candidates
to try this out on! I’m not sure what it will do to a
tool’s japanning, but I’ll be careful.

WD-40 has also introduced white lithium
grease in a spray can. If your tablesaw groans
when you raise or tilt the blade, this is the product
you need to provide long-term lubrication for
the saw’s elevation and tilting gears. White lithium
grease dries, so it won’t attract sawdust and gum
up the gears’ teeth.

Other members of the family include Rust
Release Penetrant Spray and Water Resistant Silicone
Lubricant. I would keep all silicone products
out of the shop, however. If silicone gets on your
wood, you’ll have one heck of a time getting a finish
to stick to it.



WD-40, WD40.com, 888-324-7596, Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor,
6.5 oz.; Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant, 11 oz.;
Rust Release Penetrant Spray, 11 oz.; Protective White
Lithium Grease, 10 oz.; Rust Remover Soak, 128 oz.

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