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Router Table Box Joints

Making box joints on a router table is a time-saving alternative to making them on the tablesaw. You don’t have to fuss with a dado set, for one. More importantly, using a router table leaves your tablesaw free for making those unexpected cuts that every project inevitably requires.

This box joint jig from Eagle America works on a tablesaw and a router table. (The router table must have a miter slot, however.) The jig makes joints that are 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" wide, and includes metal guide fingers for each width. The jig’s miter bar is adjustable to eliminate wiggle in the slot—an important feature for making precise joints. The jig’s major parts are available separately or as a complete kit.



Eagle America, eagleamerica.com, 800-872-2511, Ultimate Box Joint Jig Value Package, #420-4519, $120; Ultimate Box Joint Jig, #420-4510, $79.99; Ultimate Box Joint Jig Sled, #420-4511,
$39.99; Miter Gauge Adapter Plate, #420-4514, $9.99; Sacrificial Face Plate, 420-4513, $16.99; Safety Guard, #420-4512, $12.99.

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