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Well-Equipped Shop – Dust-Collection Upgrade

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Dust-Collection Upgrade

Most router tables need better dust collection. They usually have a port on the fence, but that’s only half the battle. What about all the dust that’s thrown below the table? Rockler has an answer—actually, two answers: the Dust Bucket, which encloses your router, and the Dual Port, a tee that allows you to hook up a 4" hose to both the Dust Bucket and the fence’s port.

Properly sizing the enclosure around a router is essential for good dust collection. If you have a cabinet below your router table hooked up to a dust-collection hose, you’ve probably noticed that the cabinet still fills up with dust. Why does this happen? Usually, the volume of the cabinet is too large. The air inside it isn’t moving fast enough, so the dust particles settle to the bottom. In order for the dust to remain suspended in the air you'd need an enclosure with a much smaller volume—such as the Dust Bucket.

The Dust Bucket is made from galvanized steel. It has a front door for accessing your router, a 4" port, keyhole slots for mounting to your table (so you can easily remove the unit) and a vent for controlling airflow. It measures 13" wide x 13" high x 10" deep.



Rockler, rockler.com, 800-279-4441, Dust Bucket Dust Collection for Router Tables, #32321, $79.99; Dust Right Router Table Dual Port, #20225, $14.99.

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