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Well-Equipped Shop – Blade for Small Box Joints

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Blade for Small Box Joints

If you’re a box-maker, you’ve probably considered many ways to join a box’s corners. How about 1/8" or 1/10"-wide finger joints? They’re very strong and have a sleek appearance—you’ve probably seen them on old recipe-card boxes. However, you can’t make nice-looking finger joints this small with a general-purpose tablesaw blade, because it won’t cut a flat-bottomed groove. Forrest has a solution.

They’ve just introduced two Square-Top versions of the well-known Woodworker II sawblades. Forrest says that they cut a true 90º groove, without leaving score marks. Beyond finger joints, we can also see a use for these blades in cutting rabbets, raised panels, tenons and fillets for moldings.


Forrest Manufacturing, forrestblades.com, 800-733-7111, 1/8" Kerf Square-Top Woodworker II, #WW10401125, $138; 3/32" Kerf Square-Top Woodworker II, #WW10401100, $138.


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