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‘Welcome Friends’ Plate

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This simple scrollsawn collector’s plate will charm visitors to your home, and the design is simple enough that you can make a few of them in a weekend. The plate consists of two pieces that are sawn and then glued on top of one another to create the 3D effect. Choose two contrasting woods for the different layers. I used 1/4″ mahogany for the top layer and 1/4″ birch for the bottom layer, though any tight-grained hardwood will do. After you’ve picked out your wood, sand it to #220 grit. Make two copies of the drawing at right. Cut one pattern for the interior plate design and one for the rim design. Attach them to your wood with rubber cement or a spray adhesive.

Use a small drill bit to bore access holes for all your inside cuts, then make your cuts with your scroll saw. Clean up any rough edges with sandpaper. Glue the two pieces together using the registration marks on the drawing and finish your plate with two coats of a clear finish.

You can hang your plate on the wall or purchase a plate holder to display it on a mantle or a sideboard. Order a wooden plate holder (not the one shown above) for $1.95 plus shipping by calling the Berry Basket and asking for item# P550. PW

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Rick Longabaugh is a professional woodworker who runs www.berrybasket.com.

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