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Versatile Tenoning Jig

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A tenoning jig is one of my favorite tablesaw accessories. I use it for many different joints, including straight tenons, angled tenons, bridle joints, splined miters and scarf joints. When I recently reviewed these handy tools, I overlooked an impressive model from General International (see “Tenoning Jigs,” AW #123, September 2006, page 84, or www.american This jig ranks with the best. Its guide bar fits tight to any miter-gauge slot using spring-loaded ball bearings in the bar's side. Precisely aligning the jig with the saw blade is easy because the guide bar's adjustment screws are readily accessible. Both handles may be mounted on the jig's sliding table, which I prefer to do to avoid jiggling the work support during a critical cut. But that's not all. You can tilt the jig's work support as much as 45 degrees, considerably more than the 17-degree maximum on other jigs. Unlike other jigs, with this one, you can reposition the clamp arm and backstop to either side of the work support. This allows you to use the jig on the left or right side of the blade for an even greater range of angled cuts. In addition, this jig's coarse table adjustment works very smoothly, much better than those on other jigs, and its cast-iron base is huge—2 in. longer than other jigs' bases. All in all, this jig is an excellent addition to your tablesaw.

General International, (514) 326-1161,  Tenoning jig #50-050, $119.

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