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Twin Kitchen Hutches #38

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I am ready to rip the stiles for the two face frames. Since my boards are long, I’m using a featherboard for uniformity as well as safety. The outfeed table behind the tablesaw is essential here.



By cutting the stiles together, I’m sure they will be the same length. The other ends have already been cut square.



Before taking measurements of the rails, this is the best time to sand the inside edges of the stiles. By gangging them, the sander is more stable and the result more uniform.



Here they are temporarely in place for the next step. The stiles being wide, the look should be dramatic !



Here I’m taking the length measurement of the rails. I will add 1/16’’ to this measurement to be sure the stiles will be even with the exterior of the hutches. When installed, I will trim them flush with a flush trim bit and a router.



To see the details of all the steps from the begining, click here.





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