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Twin Kitchen Hutches #24

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To mill the profile on the edges of the top shelves, I installed a 3/8’’ radius round over bit in the router table. The bearing was not used, only the fence guided the workpieces. After making the usual tests, here are the completed edges.



To mill the moldings that will sit under the top shelves, I installed in the router table a 1/2’’ cove bit. Once again, the bearing is not used, only the fence guided the workpieces. However, the bearing is very useful to align the fence.



Before proceeding, I check if the path of the workpiece is free. I wouldn’t like to hit anything, like an adjacent tool, in the milling process. For security purposes, please note that I’m using a much wider piece then the moldings themselves.



Here is the milled piece. Why are the profiles inverted? We’ll see.



For more details and more photos, please link to my website, below.






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