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Tool News – StoreWall and InstallStrip Storage System

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StoreWall recently announced the InstallStrip, an installation device that simplifies wall storage panel installation. Attaching the InstallStrip is fast and creates an extremely strong storage wall. Installations that typically require two people can now be done by one person, and the job will be finished in less than half the time.

StoreWall and InstallStrip Garage Storage

The InstallStrip is a zinc galvanized, industrial steel stamping 45" long. The InstallStrip can be used to hang one to three 15" high panels or used in multiples to create any size wall. And for runs less than 45", simply snap the InstallStrip at built in break points to create 15" or 30" sections (no tools required). And, all screws and fasteners are attached directly through the strip and not into the wall panel. There are no exposed fasteners or screws on the panel.

For an example of a woodworking setup, check out this compromise between a husband and wife.

StoreWall Garage Workshop Storage

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