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Router Table Dust Collection

Router Table Dust Collection – This New Product Routes the Dust big time!

Keen Products has come up with a unique product that actually gets 95% or more of the saw dust generated by cuts made on router tables which is aptly named the Dust Router.

Introduced at the IWF in Atlanta last August, the company has had a tough time keeping them in stock because not only are they very effective but at the suggested retail of $39.99 they are very reasonably priced.

The Dust Router is designed to capture the sawdust and chips coming from both top and underside of router tables with special fittings and hose connections which are joined together by a T connector which in turn is hooked up to a shop vac or dust collection system.  The underside collection of sawdust is made possible by a unique silicone rubber cup that sits in the router cavity.  The dust cup is collapsible making bit changes from the top side of the table possible and made real easy with the use of an offset collet wrench.

Over 1,000 units sold to date with virtually no returns.  Company president, *** Keenan remarks “It’s truly amazing what people are doing to find ways to adapt their Dust Routers to systems we didn’t think they would fit.  They would rather overcome an installation obstacle than return the unit for a refund!”  He further adds, “It seems like woodworkers have struggled with router table dust collection for a long time and with this new product, they are relieved to get the dust out of the air, off the floor and away from their router motors.”

For more information on this product, visit the Keen Products web site at and check the “Links” page to locate a supplier of this great new product.

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