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Tool News – Delta 13" Thickness Planer

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Delta now offers a new 13" Portable Thickness Planer that delivers exceptional precision for today’s woodworker. The new planer (model 22-590), designed with exclusive innovative features, boasts premium cut quality to minimize snipe and maximize ease of use, accuracy and capacity in the workshop. The 22-590 features a notable advancement in precision with an innovative Infinite Micro-Adjust Depth Stop. This feature allows woodworkers to select and lock any depth dimension from 1⁄4 inch to 11⁄4 inch, ensuring a finished thickness that remains consistent for each and every final board pass.

A new DELTA designed three-knife cutter head utilizes enhanced geometry to create a more aggressive angle at wood contact, delivering an ultra-smooth finish that requires minimal finish sanding. The dual-sided blades can be easily
reversed and have been re-engineered to provide three times more blade life.  Featuring an innovative four-post cutter head-lock system and the longest infeed and outfeed tables on the market, the 22-590 diminishes snipe for less material waste and provides greater stability compared to most competitive two-post models.

More information is available here.

Delta 13" Thickness Planer

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