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The Top 10 Grouses of Woodworker Spouses

Woodworkers aren’t perfect housemates. We make lots of dust and noise and occupy a large amount of space. Actions that seem perfectly reasonable to us may be considered annoying habits by our companions. When we asked woodworker spouses to air their frustrations, the response was overwhelming; our ears are still burning. Here are their ten most frequently voiced complaints.

10. There’s never room for my car in the garage.

9. He keeps bringing home pieces of wood that he’s found, like stray animals. But he never uses them, so our house features an unusual “woodpiles everywhere” décor.

8. He spends hours scouring antique shops for old tools, and I’m tired of being dragged along and staring at dingy knick-knacks, worn-out furniture and salt and pepper shaker collections.

7. Nails and screws left in pockets make an ungodly racket when they go through the washing machine and dryer.

6. A problem in the shop casts a gloomy pall over the entire house.

5. His “good” woodworking tools are off-limits for the rest of us, but he can’t bear to buy “homeowner-grade” replacements, so there simply aren’t any tools in the utility drawer.

4. He’s oblivious to the sawdust trail he leaves throughout the house.

3. The outline of his tape measure gets worn into the back pocket of his jeans, so people are always staring at his butt!

2. My hair is wet, I’m late for work and my hair dryer has disappeared from the bathroom. If he has borrowed it again to remove old glue, I’ll aliphatic his hide!


And the No.1 grouse of woodworker spouses:

He keeps saying he’s going to build things, but all he does is buy tools.



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