Shop Projects

Looking for wood shop projects and plans to help improve your workspace. You’ve found it. Here you’ll find inspiration and complete woodworking plans for projects ranging from simple clamp racks to smart router table designs and bulletproof workbenches and shop tables. From small and simple shop solutions to dream tool cabinets, you’ll find just the right projects for improving your workshop, increasing efficiency and making your time there more enjoyable.

Cutting Plywood Without a Table Saw

Even with access to a nice table saw, cutting full sheets of plywood can be difficult. Here is an alternate method I like to use to break down sheets to pieces of a more manageable size. It also works well as a way to accurately cut plywood if you don’t have...

Shop Projects: Benches on a Budget

Procrastination isn’t always a bad thing. When we last looked at my pile of 2 x 4s the readings from my moisture meter ranged from 10 percent to 18 percent. My reason for using this stuff was price , a “precut” (almost 8′ long piece) cost $2.38 at our local home...

Shop Projects Part 4-Festool Domino Test Drive

I’ve been anxious to work with the new Festool Domino, and this face frame for my shop cabinet looks like the perfect application for this new machine. The Domino has several things in common with the biscuit joiner including a European heritage and a hefty price tag. The biscuit joiner has...

Shop Projects-Part 3-Beaded Frame Joints

Last week I discussed laying out the face frame for a cabinet I’m building for the shop. I’ll be updating the blog as work progresses on this, and for those of you keeping score at home, here are links to pdf files of my shop drawings. Backbench Plan & Elevation.pdf (40.49...

Shop Projects – Part 2-Face Frame Layout

New stands for our benchtop power tools are on my “to do” list, but I’m still waiting for the 2×4 material to come to equilibrium with our shop environment. In the meantime, I’m forging ahead on another project, a cabinet that will go below the windows where my current bench is....

Shop Projects – Part 1

I’ve spent the last couple weeks working out the details for several projects to improve our shop here at the magazine. It’s a nice space, but like many wood shops, quick fixes tend to become permanent fixtures. There are a number of areas we’d like to make more convenient, and we...

Routing the Plate Opening: A good way to get a parallel and square opening is to use the saw fence as a guide for two of the cuts. Measure the offset from the edge of the router base to the side of the spiral bit and use this in setting the fence for each cut, parallel to the fence. Clamp a square piece of wood in place as a guide for the sides of the opening, perpendicular to the saw fence. Next form the rabbet that holds the insert in place by using the same procedure and bit you used to cut the opening

Router Fence for a Table Saw

Your table saw is a router table and jointer just waiting to happen. Replace one of the saw's wings (or adapt your existing table board) to hold a router table insert, and you're in business.

Ultimate Miter Saw Stand

This clever rolling stand allows you to make dead-on crosscuts, and then it folds up when not in use. Plus, you need only two sheets of plywood to build it.

Plywood Carrier

The big problem in a one-man shop is there’s only two hands and one back. And that one back gets tired after years of lugging sheets of plywood around).particleboard).