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Quick-Acting Clamps

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It's hard to beat the convenience of a quick-acting clamp that you can grab, squeeze and tighten—all with one hand. The new Multi-Grip Clamps from Wilton have entered the clamping arena, and their competitive prices are putting the squeeze on other quick-acting clamps. The Multi-Grips cost 10 to 20 percent less than similar clamps. Like other quick-acting clamps, Multi-Grips can be used to clamp or spread. The spread function lets you gently disassemble parts, with little or no mallet pounding. Clamp pressure is strong enough to pull together well-fitted parts, but as with other quick-acting clamps, I wouldn't rely on it for heavy-duty clamping situations, for instance, holding a router fence in position. Square-bottomed Multi-Grips will stand on their own, a handy feature when working on a benchtop. If you sometimes need an extra light-duty vise, the Portalock Base will hold a Multi-Grip and can be clamped to a workbench that's 2-1/2 in. thick or less.

Wilton, (888) 804-7129 www.wmhtoolgroup.com, Multi-Grip Clamps, $15 to $40.

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