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Perfect Circles With Your Router

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Need a way to cut perfect circles?  I'm pretty impressed with the new jig from Circle Cutters, Inc., $49.99.  It's a simple device that uses your router to cut a nearly infinite variety of diameters.  It allows you to cut circles from 6-in. to 48-1/16 in. diameter, in 1/16-in. increments.  That adds up to 674 circles! Made from 1/4-in.-thick acrylic, the Circle Cutter is a sturdy router accessory that's based on a simple pivot system.  Just drill a 1/16-in. hole in your blank, then use the drill bit as a pivot point by inserting it through the jig and into your piece.  The pivot holes in the jig are labeled with dimensions, so there's no need to measure. There are two scales on the jig.  One is used with a 1/2-in. bit, the other with a 7/16-in. bit. The Circle Cutter comes with a plate to help you get your router perfectly centered on the jig.  That's important, as poor centering would affect the accuracy of the built-in scale. The jig is pre-drilled with a handful of holes to match a variety of router bases.The Circle Cutter is available directly from the manufacturer.

Circle Cutters, Inc, (219) 306-1909, Circle Cutter, $49.99.

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