Outdoor Projects

Bring your woodworking skills out of the house and into the great outdoors with our selection of outdoor woodworking plans. The space surrounding your home provides ample opportunity to show off your chops with patio tables and chairs, outdoor benches, porch swings and more. Here you will find not only the best woodworking plans for outdoor furniture, but the knowledge you’ll need to craft pieces that withstand the merciless whims of Mother Nature.

Talking Birdhouse With A.J. Hamler

We sat down (metaphorically) with A.J. Hamler, author of the upcoming “Easy to Build Birdhouses” to get his take on the subject: Q: Why birdhouses? A: Birdhouses are among the most satisfying of woodworking projects. They’re fast to make, require only small amounts of materials, and can be made with just...