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Oops! Talkin’ Trash

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Oops! Talkin' Trash

One day while disposing trash at the landfill, I discovered a pristine miter saw. It looked perfect—well, almost. The blade was covered with nasty burn marks. I love fixing old tools, so I took the saw home, expecting to recondition it and replace the blade.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the blade had been installed backwards. No wonder it had scorched so badly. After I turned the blade around, the saw cut beautifully. Job done!

I had a bit of fun trying to imagine how this saw ended up in the trash. At some point, the last owner must have put the blade in the wrong way. I pictured a lot of smoke and burnt wood, angry words blaming the saw for its poor performance and a frustrating trip to the dump. That trash is now my treasure: I’ve been using somebody’s cast-off saw ever since that lucky day.

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