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Oops! Biscuit Slots Refuse to Align

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 Oops! Biscuit Slots Refuse to Align

I was cutting slots for a long edge joint the other day, and everything
was humming right along. But when I put the boards together, they
didn’t line up worth a darn!Turns out I made a very simple
mistake. All along I thought my plate joiner’s fence was sitting on top
of the board. Nope. On some cuts, the bottom of the plate
joiner was sitting on the bench instead (1). The board was a bit
bowed, so I ended up making slots at different heights. That’s why the
boards weren’t flush.
To fix the problem, I glued biscuits in the bad
slots, cut off the excess and started over. This time I made sure the
board hung over the edge of the bench when I cut each and every slot
(2).This mishap is part of a much larger story. Click here to see a boatload of plate joiner techniques and tips.

1. Slots may not line up if your plate joiner sits on the benchtop. There may be a small gap under the fence. 

2. Hang the board over the edge of the bench to make consistent slots every time.

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