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No More Tipping Trim Router

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Trim routers are great tools, but the base is so narrow that they have the tendancy to tip over when milling edges. While one hand holds the router itself and steers, there is not much room to grab the tool with the other hand to hold it flat. And when holding the narrow base, fingers are too closed to the spinning bit! 


So, I made this accessory base plate. I used a piece of 3/8"-thick Plexiglass, about 6" by 11". I made it wide enough to give a broader surface, room to place the handles and my hands, but small enough to prevent the Plexiglass from sagging. I used 1/4" fh. bolts and threaded inserts to install the handles, which are 1-1/4" hardwood dowels.


Great tool, great base, great tip !


For more details, pictures and a short video on drilling Plexiglass, click here.






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