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New Parallel Jaw Clamp

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Irwin tools has expanded its stable of innovative clamps with the introduction of the Quick-Grip Parallel Jaw Clamp. Parallel jaw clamps are favored amongst woodworkers for clamping boxes, frames and solid edge glue-ups. The Quick Grip parallel jaw clamps evenly distribute pressure across 2-in.-wide x 3-3/4-in.-deep jaws. The resin-coated jaws repel glue and are less likely to damage your project than steel jaws. The soft, faceted ProTouch handle really lets you get a grip and put the pressure on (up to 1,500 pounds). The clamp also features a removable foot that helps balance the clamps on your bench.

Irwin Tools, www,, Irwin Quick-Grip Parallel Jaw Clamp, 24-in, #35171, $36; 30-in. (available soon); 48-in., # 2026501,  $48.


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