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Multi-Function Router Base

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The Router Buddy is a 7-in.-dia. base plate that's bored to fit most popular routers. It's equipped with an integral edge guide/circle-cutting jig and a center hole that's counterbored to accept Porter-Cable guide bushings. Changing from one operation to another takes only seconds. The circle-cutting jig routs circles from 2-in.-dia. to 18-3/8-in.-dia. Install the fence and you've got an edge guide that allows routing dadoes and grooves up to 8-1/4-in. from the edge of the workpiece. This setup is compact and light as a feather, so it doesn't upset the router's balance. Attach the included half-rounds and you can rout grooves parallel to rounded edges. The half-rounds are also used during installation, to center the base around the bit shaft. The Router Buddy System includes extension rods, adjustable pivot pins and a cross-routed base. It extends the Buddy's versatility by adding the capacity to cut circles up to 60-in. in diameter and ellipses up to 58-in. by 46-in. You can vary the difference between major and minor ellipse axes up to 12 inches.

Practical Technologies, LLC,, (603) 818-8442, Router Buddy, $70; Router Buddy System, $200.


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