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Magnetic Hold-Downs Switch On and Off

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Ever get stuck trying to figure out how to fasten a jig or featherboard to a cast-iron tabletop? Sure, sometimes you can use the miter-gauge slot, but it's not always convenient. If you've ever had this problem, new products from Magswitch will really grab you—along with any ferrous surface you put them on. Magswitch components contain rare earth magnets that you turn on or off by rotating a knob. Simply put, the knob aligns or offsets the polarity between two rare earth magnets within the jig. Trust me, when the polarity is aligned, these babies have an unbelievable amount of grabbing power. Mag-Jigs (see photo, top) are designed for use in any shop-made jig with a 3/4-in.-thick base. Most jigs will require two Mag-Jigs. Just bore holes through the base, install the Mag-Jigs and fasten them with screws. Remove the Mag-Jigs, and they're ready for use in another jig. To use Mag-Jigs in stock thinner than 3/4 in., you'll have to shim under their top flanges. Mag-Jigs are available in 20-mm-dia. and 30-mm-dia. sizes. I suggest buying the larger size, figuring that it's impossible to have too much holding power. Magswitch featherboards (see photo, bottom) are made with the same switchable magnet technology. Simply position the featherboard and turn the knob. Voilà! The featherboard is rigidly locked in place.

Magswitch, (303) 468-0662,  Mag-Jig, 20-mm dia., #M06004, $26. Mag-Jig, 30-mm dia., #M06005, $34. 20-mm magnetic featherboard, #10327, $39.
30-mm magnetic featherboard, #10328, $49.



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