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Lathe and Disc Sander Combo

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Thanks to my new sanding table, my lathe doubles as a disc sander. I really like this setup, because I can adjust the speed of the disc to the job and the material.


The table is glued to a hollow box that bolts onto the bed just like the tool rest and tailstock. A keyed bottom centers the box on the bed. Bolts extend through the key to mounting plates below. Tightening the bolts draws the plates against the bed bottom. Access to the forward bolt is through a hole in the table. Removing the dust collection port grants access to the back bolt. 


I used melamine for the disc, which I mounted to an 8-in.-dia. faceplate. Melamine is flat, and sanding discs adhere to it well, yet are easy to remove. I always lock the table in position within 1/16 in. of the disc for safety. Dust collection with my shop vac works great. The hollow box nuzzles up close to the disc, because it’s flush with the front edge of the table.






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