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Jointer/Planer Combo Machine

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Students often ask me if they should buy a jointer or planer first.  Here's an opportunity to get both in one tool.  Grizzly's new G0633 12-in. Jointer/Planer Combination machine, $1,795, does dual duty with one cutter head.  At first blush the price tag may seem high, but the economics are good when you combine the prices of a stationary induction-motor planer and jointer. One big advantage to jointer/planer combos is that you get an exceptionally wide jointer, which is very useful for face-jointing wide boards.  When using the jointer you can take full advantage of the 12-in. wide cutter head.  Switching from jointing to planing requires removing the jointer fence and flipping the jointer tables up out of the way which, according to Grizzly, is an easy conversion that takes only about 30 seconds. Along with the 12-in. wide, three-knife cutterhead, this machine offers a jointer fence that's 39-3/8-in. long and a generous 5-7/8-in tall.  The jointer table is 59-1/2-in. long.  The planer table is 23-1/3-in. long.  The jointer table is shorter than that found on most 8-in. jointers, but the fence length is comparable.  Planer thickness capacity is 8-in.  The machine is driven by a 5-hp 220-volt motor.  If you prefer a carbide insert spiral cutterhead, have a look at Grizzly's G0634, $2,295.  It's the same machine, except for the cutterhead.

Grizzly International, (800) 523-4777, Jointer/Planer Combination, #G0633,  $1,795, Jointer/Planer Combination w/carbide insert spiral cutterhead, #G0634, $2,295.

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