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1013 intelliCarve

The 1013 intelliCarve is a scaled down version of its predecessor the 1015 but with the same capabilities. With a 13” x 18” capacity carving machine capable of producing 2D and 3D carvings the 1013 will retail around $2100. The 1013 includes I-picture software which immediately allows the user to get started carving from the library of designs included with the package. The neatest feature of the I-picture software is its ability to import photographs or other jpeg images to produce carvings and 3D lithophanes allowing the intelliCarve to produce a broad range of projects. Sign making, decorative 3D pieces, and lithophanes are just a small sample of activities the intelliCarve can perform. Servo motors give an accuracy of 0.004” ensuring picture perfect results with only minor sanding. Its design and use of composite materials makes the 1013 virtually maintenance free. Simply blow off the dust and its ready to go. Also included with the machine is a 15,000RPM DC brushless spindle motor. Selling price around $2000.

1015 intelliCarve

The intelliCarve is a 3-axis CNC controlled carving machine capable of transferring three-dimensional images onto a work piece. The intelliCarve is capable of handling a maximum work piece dimension of 15” x 20” x 4”. Capable of working with wood, plastic, ceramic, acrylic, corian, avonite, plexi-glass or other comparable materials, the intelliCarve easily and accurately performs any operation you throw at it. Cutting, engraving, etching, or routing, the intelliCarve welcomes any operation. From engraving signs, transferring digital pictures to 3D carvings, intricate parts for projects or even lithophanes the intelliCarve is the perfect choice for the savvy woodworker. The possibilities are endless with your imagination being the only limitation. Sells for under $5000.

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