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Instant Wheel Dressing

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I use my grinder almost exclusively for beveling my chisels, so I
like to keep the tool rest set to produce the 25-degree bevel I prefer.
Having to reset the angle after using my diamond wheel dresser to clean
and flatten the wheel bothered me until I made this wedge-shaped
support. Like many of my friends, I've upgraded my grinder by
installing a top-quality tool rest (see Source, below). The
wedge-shaped support I made fits snugly in the tool rest and instantly
positions my diamond dresser correctly, perpendicular to the wheel's

After drawing the support's profile on the end of a 12-in.-long,
1-1/4-in. x 1-3/4-in. blank, I headed to my tablesaw. First, I cut a
rabbet on the back of the blank to create the tongue. Rather than going
for a precise fit, I cut the tongue a bit narrow and planned to install
adjustment screws later.

Next, I cut the bevel. Its angle depends on your preferred bevel angle,
the size of your grinding wheel and the location of your tool rest
relative to the wheel. After checking to make sure the bevel's angle
was correct, I cut the support from the blank and installed the
adjustment screws. Now, switching from grinding to dressing is

Lee Valley Tools, (800) 871-8158,
Veritas tool rest, #05M23.01, $40.

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