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When my shop was a two-car garage with one outlet, I had to carefully choose what I plugged in. That generally meant no radio, because there weren't any outlets left for it. Enter Bosch's new Power Box, $169. Yes, it's an expensive radio, but that's because it's much more than a radio. The Power Box includes a four-way GFCI outlet. So, when you've plugged in the Box, it becomes a power source for other tools. And it's ground-fault protected, which is a must-have in damp environments. Music? No problem. You can listen to AM or FM stations or your favorite CD. The CD player has built-in antiskip technology, so whacking the Box with an offcut doesn't mean missing your favorite verse. Every potential point of entry for dust or moisture, including buttons, speakers and the CD drawer, is sealed. An aluminum roll cage protects the Box, which is suspended from the cage by rubber shock absorbers to further damp accidental whacks. The Box also features a 12-volt output to recharge cellphones or two-way radios and a battery charger for Bosch batteries. The radio and CD player will run off those batteries if you haul the radio out to the middle of the yard. Besides all that, the Power Box is just plain cool-looking and kicks out great sound.

Bosch Power Tools, (877) 267-2499, www.boschusa.com, Power Box, $169.

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