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Hang A Door In A Minute

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Cabinetmakers use shop-made or commercial drilling jigs to speed the mounting of Euro hinges on their doors. What sets the EZ-Mount apart from basic drilling jigs is that it also holds the hinge in place, allowing you to use the hinge plate itself as a guide. With the EZ-Mount you can drill the pilot holes with one drill and screw the plate to the cabinet with another. The jig comes as a set of two: one jig for inset doors and one for full overlay doors, and are available for Salice and Blum brand hinges.

EZ-Mount Hardware Mounting Systems, www.ez-mount.com, EZ-Mount #SSP-0105 for Salice stamped steel clip-on hinge plate BAV3L09 or BAV3L69; EZ-Mount #SCP-0105 for Salice cast steel clip-on hinge plate BAR3R09 or BAR3R69; EZ-Mount #BSSP-0104 for Blum stamped steel clip-on hinge plate 173H7100 or 173H7130; EZ-Mount #BCCP-0104 for Blum Cast steel clip-on hinge plate 175H7100, 175H7130 or 175H7190; all models $20.

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