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Furniture Society 2007 – Cultural Mosaic show

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One great gathering and five great shows.


Members' Show   

Camosun College Retrospective Show  

Camosun Student Chair Show  

Cultural Mosaic Show

Cascadia Show


Ceremonial Chair

Art Thompson
“Legend of the Crawling Wolves” Chair
Back Carving

Calvin Hunt
‘Eagle” Chair Armrests

Don Yeoman
Chair sides & Lower Front Facia

Norman Tait
“Eagle” Figure Surrounding Chair

Ann Smith
“Raven's Tail” Woven Chair Cushion

Cheryl Samual
Adopted Tlingit Kaagwaantann Klukwon
Chilkat Woven Backrest panel

John Livingston
Adopted Kwagiulth
Project Coordinator – Chair Front Tlingit
Style Carvings





Tlingit Eagle Feast Dish (1977)
Northern Northwest Coast Formline

Artist: Duane Pasco (1932-2004)

"Duane Pasco was born in Seattle and moved to Alaska in childhood.  Although non First nations himself, Duane was fascinated by Tahltan and Tlingit culture and began absorbing all he could of their cultures.  Returning to Seattle in 1949, Duane continued his studies, particularly of the Northwest Coast cultures.  His career as a carver and lecturer began in 1959 and continued with passionate dedication throughout his life.  Pasco taught carving and lectured on various topics surrounding Northwest Coast culture for decades and many talented younger artists acknowledge his influence and instruction.

Duane Pasco is internationally recognized as a very gifted artist and carver.  His work is represented in many important public and private collections worldwide including the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington, the Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, Quebec, and the University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. through the donation of Dr. Michael Collard Williams.

This feast dish is a superb example of a bulge bowl.  It has been kerfed and bent in the traditional manner.  The iconography is that of Eagle transforming into Human, an important and recurring concept in Northwest Coast art.  The materials are Yellow Cedar,Red Cedar, Spruce Root, paint, and operculum." – (Information from show label)

Amrchair Linenfold
English Oak c. 1600



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