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Titanic Deck ChairLast week marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, and as such we received a number of requests for the “Titanic Deck Chair” article, which originally ran in 1999. In honor of that fateful night a century ago (and in response to popular demand), we’re making the article and full-size plans available for free as downloadable PDFs.

Only two of the original deck chairs are known to have survived the tragedy, but with this reproduction you can feel as if you own a little piece of history – one that also happens to be ideal for stylish lounging. The fancy chair has many parts and the build is a tad tedious, but nothing but the best for most affluent of the early 20th century, right? If you really want to class up the finished experience, I suggest whipping up some punch romaine, one of the choice beverages found on the first-class menu.

Download the article here: Titanic Deck Chair Article
Download the full-size plans here in a home printer-friendly version split into 8.5 x 11 inch sheets, or as one complete document you can send to a printing house.

All of the hardware mentioned in the original article is still available (at updated price points) except the brass screws to use with the threaded inserts. Also, please note the following two corrections to the plans:

– Item C on the schedule has dimensions of 1-3/4″ x 2-1/2″ x 23-1/2″. The 2-1/2″ dimension should be 3″.
– Item P on the schedule should be 18″ long, rather than 17″.

– Tom Nunlist

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  • ko00940

    As much as I would like to build it, I gave up on the Titanic Deck Chair. The download patterns do not make any sense.

  • peterduncan

    Is the template for the crest rail before or after the curve is made. If I use it after the curve is cut the length is reduced by the arc making P a different length.

  • kevinv

    Guys I found that the 16 page pdf was a little off on 2 sheets and yes I also had a problem with the border cutting off some of the drawing. BUT, I have a “poster” option with my printer and printed the FULL complete drawing myself on 15 sheets (3 x5) With this option you can adjust the overlap too. Hope this helps the printing, only took me 20 minutes to line all the pages up. lol , Still the point is to make it myself not pay Kinkos.
    Cheers Kevin

  • givebooks1

    Thanks for posting this, my son was really into wood working and I’ve inherited some of his tools and acquired others; I found 2 plans

  • GMedic

    Thanks for posting this, my dad was really into wood working and I’ve inherited some of his tools and acquired others; I think this shall be my first project. That said I don’t think my first attempt will be in mahogany.

  • allen shapiro

    Does anyone have the hot tip on where to get the correct brass package?

  • jglenn

    Tom: You say item C 2-1/2″ dimension should be 3″ and item P 17″ dimension should 18″. Where do these additional inches go?

  • bintoo

    Here is a similar retail version but with more brass.

    why they wouldn’t make an exact replica is a interesting. But they are teak.
    I like the original myself.

    thanks again.

  • jmsent

    If anyone is interested in seeing the original two remaining chairs, you can see them here It is interesting to note that the chair Tom has reproduced actually came from the Turkish bath and was not used on deck.

  • figo

    I am building the chair and had the plans printed at Kinko’s, just under 10 bucks. My Mahogoney, 8/4 x 10″ x 16′ and 8/4 x 5 1/2″ x 8′ was $200.00 hopefully I can lay everything out ok!

  • Ryan Fee

    Nice lines! With patio season fast approaching, I think I may like to build a couple of these. Any thoughts on using Jatoba in place of Mahogany?

  • darryl

    I am reviewing the titanic chair plans. I printed out the full size plans but I dont see the item “U” on the template. “U” is the seat slats, am i missing it?

  • Willie73

    Any advice on how much wood this will take? I know you said 35 board feet of 8/4 in the article, but I’m wondering if you have any advice on how (dimensionally) to get the most out of each board or even what size boards to buy. I guess I’m looking for a cut list to be honest, but any help would be appreciated. With mahogany pretty pricey, and my budget pretty small, I’d like to get the most out of each piece.
    Thanks, and great build!

  • ecmkno1

    That is an absolutely beautiful chair,i can see 2-4 of those on the deck.Do you think i should use cushions or leave the wood exposed to show the beauty?

  • Tom Nunlist

    I’m glad to see some excitement about the plans – it’s a really cool chair.

    Please note: There were a few problems with the complete document version of the plans, but we’ve got them fixed. Happy building! Also, don’t forget to share pictures if you put one of these guys together.

  • CessnapilotBarry

    What a great looking chair!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Bradinsc

    Wow, this is great! Thank you for doing this. As to the post about getting it full size. I dont do that, but I do have a large box of Braille Paper (my mom is blind) that will run through my printer as well. Its like heavy manila paper, when you print out a truncated plan like this and then tape it front and back you get a pretty heavy duty plan! I am going to make a couple of these chairs for our patio!

    Thanks again,

  • Jerry-S

    Tom, Thanks for making this available. Could it be possible to also provide the full-size plans on the full 36″x48″ size sheet? People could always take the pdf file to a printing place (i.e. Kinko’s) and have it plotted out large format. I find getting a pattern traced with tape all over it kinda blows. And getting the full size sheet is always worth the small expense. (And worth mentioning, my printer does not print edge to edge, so all lines within a 1/4″ of the edge just don’t print. Part K for example, the whole left edge was wiped out. bummer.)

  • Darren Brewster

    Here is an interesting article about Titanic deck chairs from my local newspaper, pretty neat the amount of access he had to an original:

    I wish I had the gear to quickly build a few of the chairs following your plans, I have a real Titanic aficionado in the family with a huge deck just begging for a couple of these!

  • robert

    Are there instructions for re-arranging them within the article?

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